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5 Singers, 2 Comedies, 1 Stage!

August 29-30, 2020 

Queens' Hall

In celebration of the re-opening of our local theatres after months of silence, the Picoplat Music Development Foundation proudly presents 5 Singers, 2 Comedies, 1 Stage on Saturday August 29 at 7:30pm and Sunday August 30 at 6pm at the Queens Hall.


We have been producing high quality musical performances on the local stage for the past 15 years and find ourselves in a unique position to satisfy COVID 19 social distancing requirements with small casts of performers, while creating magical theatrical experiences featuring the best local singers and musicians.


The Telephone, or L'Amour à trois by Menotti

Ben (Krisson Joseph) attempts to have an important conversation with his girlfriend Lucy (Natalia Dopwell) before he leaves town, but keeps getting interrupted by her incessantly ringing telephone. (Running time 20 minutes)


The Impresario by Mozart

Three rival divas (Natalia Dopwell, Anneliese Kelly & Deborah Aboud) vie for the lead role in The Impresario's (Edward Cumberbatch) new opera. Updated script by Callie Caldwell. (Running time 1 hour)

Presented in English, fully staged and Directed by Dr. Helmer Hilwig with Musical Direction by June Nathaniel and Set Design by Daniella Walcott.

Tickets are $200 (with discounts for Seniors, Children and Students). They must be purchased directly from the Queens Hall Box Office, due to COVID 19 contact tracing requirements. Please call 624-1284  for more information.

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